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Progressive Gymnastics

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For youth in Kindergarten andĀ above with an emphasis on skill development and progression towards competitive gymnastics. Please note that classes often fill up very quickly so we encourage participants to register early. We do offer a waiting list but that does not mean a participant will get into any particular class.

What level should I register my child for?

If your child has never been in gymnastics, register them for Rollers Level 1. If your child has previous gymnastics experience he/she needs to speak with Nikki Lindberg, Gymnastics Director, about placement or attend one of the Special Evaluation/Placement Days. Successful completion of each level and instructor recommendation is required before moving to the next level. Please note that all children learn at a different pace. Some children may remain in one level for a longer period of time.

Please see the Competitive Teams page for additional information.

Little Stars Gymnastics

If you have any questions about Progressive Gymnastics, contact Gymnastics Director Nikki Lindberg at 507.433.1804 or nlindberg@ymca-austin.org.

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