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We understand that it can be intimidating coming to the Y and trying new things. That is why we have created this page to help guide you as you learn your way around the Y.

I would like to walk on a treadmill but want to do it in a more quiet space. Where should I go?

Our private cardio loft is a great place to start utilizing cardio machines such as treadmills, stair climbers and ellipticals. This a quiet space and almost all of the machine have personal TVs. And as there are only a handful of machines in the Cardio Loft, you don’t have to worry about anyone watching you ūüôā

I don’t know how to use the cardio or weight machines. What should I do?

One of the best things new members can utilize is our free wellness center orientations. A trained Y staff person will walk you through turning on machines, how to set them up and how to use them. This makes using Y equipment less intimidating!

What group fitness classes are good for beginners?

The following are great classes for those new to exercise or returning after an absence. Aerobic Blast, Cyclebox, Kettlebells,, Active Older Adult Classes, Cycling, Pilates, Aqua Zumba, Deep H20 Fitness, Piyo Sculpt, Awesome Abs, Fitness Yoga, TRX, Core Conditioning, H20 Fitness, and Yoga. If you attend any class at the Y, you will always see a wide range of ages, fitness levels and experience. All group fitness classes are free and included with membership.

I have never been to a group fitness class and would like to know what to expect.

We offer free group fitness orientations to our membership that show you how to set up for class, what moves to expect and modifications you can do during class. Trust us, everyone is a little nervous when the go to class for the first time, but after a few times, they are seasoned veterans! We also strongly encourage members to introduce themselves to the instructors before class so they can help you in any way you need.

What classes require sign up and where do I do this?

Classes that require online registration are Cycling, Cyclebox, Kickboxing and TRX. You can register for these classes online or through Facebook. You can also can cancel your spot at anytime.


I would like help losing weight. Who should I talk to?

Our Director of Healthy Living Bryce Becker would love to meet with you to get your started in the right direction and set you up with a plan that works for you. You can contact him by phone at 507.433.1804, by email at bbecker@ymca-austin.org or in person at the Y. We know it is scary taking the steps to change your body and that is why we have a number of great programs to help you out.


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Free Wellness Center Orientations

FREE orientations are provided to help members learn about all of our fitness areas as well as how to use machines and the proper form and technique. Orientation includes cardio equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, stairclimbers, etc.), Cybex machines and free weights. Orientations are required for youth members age 14-17 years who wish to use the Wellness Center. Sign up for an orientation at the Front Desk.

Free Individual Fitstart Plan

Ready for a change, but don’t know where to start? ¬†Sit down with Fitness Director Kristi Stasi to talk about establishing appropriate fitness goals and how to start working towards them. This one-on-one consultation addresses how to achieve and maintain a balanced exercise program and find exercises that you enjoy and can maintain. You will learn about¬†basic fitness components, zone intensity and strength training.


If you have any questions about our free evaluations or orientations, please contact the front desk at 507.433.1804.

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