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Fitness Classes

Teens who are members of the YMCA of Austin have two options for attending group fitness classes.  They may attend Kids Fitness Classes for Youth ages 6-13 years or Adult Group Fitness Classes for youth age 14 years and up.


Age: 6-13 years
Time: 3:30pm-4:00pm
Session: 4 week session (once per week)

Youth ages 6-13 years may attend our Kids Fitness Classes.  Instructors will introduce youth to basic fitness moves and techniques.  All levels of experience are welcome.  These classes are also a great way to keep your kids (who  may be too old for Kids Kove) busy while you work out!

Once Per Week (4 Week Sessions)*

January 1-21 : Bootcamp

$5 Members




We have over 70 group fitness class options on our schedule each week and they are open to all levels of fitness and experience. If you are attending class for the first time please feel free to come a little bit early and the instructor will be more than happy to help you get set-up for class and demonstrate some of the basic moves you will see in class.  Youth must be 14 years old in order to attend group fitness classes.

It is important to note that all classes involving boxing bags, bikes or TRX straps (Cycling, Cyclebox, Kickboxing, TRX classes) require that you sign-up ahead of time to secure your spot in class as we have a limited number of bikes and bags available.  You can register for classes online by clicking on the button below.

All other classes on our schedule do not require sign-up and all you need to do is show up ready to get a great workout! The Y will provide all equipment needed for all classes including boxing gloves, yoga mats and free weights but you may bring your own equipment if you desire.



Our group fitness classes are grouped into three different categories: cardio, mind & body and toning.
*Designates a class that is a great option for those new or returning to exercise.
+Participants are strongly encouraged to sign-up for these classes to reserve their spot.


Aerobic Blast

Fun and easy sequences incorporating marching, grapevines, knee lifts and lots of moving!

+Cycle Box

The ultimate cardio workout hitting both upper and lower body by alternating intervals of cycling and boxing.


Indoor cycling workout incorporating visual imagery, verbal cues and energy zones. All fitness levels welcome as cyclist work at their own level.

Interval Conditioning

This workout is great for overall fitness, speed, coordination, and core stability.  It includes a good mix of body weight and strength training, combined with cardio intervals.  This class uses a variety of equipment.


High Intensity Interval Training class that involves alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.

+Kick Boxing

Utilizes boxing gloves and boxing bags. Gives a great cardiovascular and muscle conditioning workout.


Step up and down to a variety of moves.


Step intermixed with cycling, boxing and bootcamp.

Step & Sculpt

Step up and down to a variety of moves. Muscle conditioning is also a part of the class.


A fun, Latin dance inspired workout with easy to follow steps that let you naturally move to the beat. Zumba brings together Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Raggaeton, African Beats, Cumbia and Funk.



*Fitness Yoga

A total mind-body workout featuring cardio conditioning, functional strength, flexibility, muscle balancing and relaxation. Each workout is a special sequence geared towards participants of all fitness levels.

*Pilates Mix

A mind-body connection/awareness practice and total body conditioning workout. Helps improve posture, balance, strength, flexibility, breathing and core strength. This class incorporates exercise equipment.

*PIYO Sculpt

Fusion style flexibility workout blending yoga, pilates and strength training in a flowing sequence to improve muscular strength and endurance with the safe use of resistance equipment.


A basic yoga class with an emphasis on poses.



*Awesome Abs

Express class designed to attack the abdominal and lower back muscles. Come to class warmed up.

*Body Sculpt

Muscle conditioning class that provides a balanced total body workout.

Boot Camp

Fun workout that incorporates obstacle courses, stations and circuits. This workout contains cardio and strength conditioning and works on your power and agility.

*Core Conditioning

Express class concentrating on the core muscles of the body. It strengthens the abs and their opposing muscles as well as stabilizing them. Come to class warmed up.

Kettle Bell Interval Class

Class utilizing kettle bells that incorporate movements that result in dynamic, whole-body exercise routine that incorporates cardiovascular, resistance and range-of-motion training.


Class utilizing TRX straps for suspension training that uses bodyweight exercise to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.


If you have any questions about fitness classes, contact Kristi Stasi kstasi@ymca-austin.org.