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Membership FAQ


Does the Y require yearly contracts?

The Y does not require members to sign yearly contracts.  We do have a minimum of two months of membership before an individual is able to cancel their membership due to administrative costs.

What types of payments are accepted for monthly dues?

The Y accepts credit cards, debit cards and bank drafts (from checking or savings).

When are monthly dues charged to my bank/card?

Dues are charged to bank accounts or credit/debit cards on the 1st business day of each month.  If the 1st business day of the month is on a weekend, dues will be charged on the Monday immediately following the 1st.

What credit/debit cards does the Y accept?

The Y accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards for monthly dues. We DO NOT accept American Express credit cards.

I was a Y member in the past.  Do I need to pay the joiner fee again?

Yes, if your membership has lapsed for more than 30 days you are required to pay the $50 joiners fee.

My company allows the joiner fee to be waived.  Is it waived everytime I rejoin?

No. Your company membership only allows your joiner’s fee to be waived when you initially sign up for membership. If your membership has lapsed for the more than 30 days and you decide to rejoin the Y you are required to pay the $50 joiners fee.

I am a member of the military.  Do I get to use the Y for free?

We allow active duty members of the military who are on leave to use the Y for free. Active military ID cards are required to access the facility. All other members of the military are required to pay membership dues.

Can I put my membership on hold?

The YMCA of Austin does not allow its members to put their membership on hold.

Does the Y offer seasonal membership?

Because we are a membership based organization, the YMCA of Austin does not offer seasonal memberships. Anyone who joins the Y must be active for at least two full months from their activation date before they can cancel. With that said, no one is required to keep their membership active when they are no longer in the area. The only stipulation upon returning to the Y after being gone is paying the joiner’s fee when you rejoin again.

Can I cancel my membership over the phone?

The YMCA of Austin does not allow members to cancel their memberships over the phone. Members must stop by the Y Front Desk to fill out a membership termination form.  Cancellations must be received by the 26th of the month in order to stop the bank/credit draft for the next month.

I had a change in my family/finances and can no longer afford the Y.  What should I do?

The Y values you as a member and will do everything we can to help work out a payment situation that fits your needs. Just ask to speak to our Member Services Director Sandy Halbach and explain your situation.

What forms do I need to bring when applying for financial assistance?

People applying for financial assistance need to bring proof of all household income.

Is financial assistance available for child care and youth programs?

Yes. Financial Assistance isn’t just for membership fees. We can also provide assistance for child care, youth sports, swimming lessons and other youth activities. Just ask!

How does the Y communicate with members?

The Y has a number of methods and ways to communicate with our members.

-Facebook: YMCA of Austin, MN
-Google +: YMCA of Austin, MN
-Instagram: ymcaofaustin
-Pinterest: YMCA of Austin
-Twitter: ymcaofaustinmn
-Youtube: YMCA of Austin
-Y Voice Email: Sign Up to Receive Emails
-And with flyers and brochures at the Y

Where do I direct my comments or suggestions?

There are a couple of options for submitting comments, suggestions or concerns. You may go to our website and submit electronically, you may email us at ymca@ymca-austin.org. You may also visit our comment box which is on the wall, near the stairs leading to the lower level. Or you may visit with our Executive Director Diane Baker who will be more than happy to discuss your concerns with you personally. She can be contacted in person after May 6, 2019, at 507.433.1804 or at dbaker@ymca-austin.org.

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